The term advertising is widespread that form of communication, on the initiative of economic operators through mediums like television, radio, newspapers, billboards, mail, internet, it intends to systematically influence behavior and choices of individuals with respect to the consumption of goods and use of services.
Consulting is the professional service of a person who, having proven experience and practice in advertising matters, advises and assists its clients in the selection of advertising actions by providing information and advice.

The advertising consultant is a person who advises advertising forms best suited to a company.

The task of the consultant is therefore, once acquired the items that the customer already has, to add the factors of competence, knowledge and professionalism that can promote developments in the desired direction; in this context is substantially the relationship of trust between the customer and who provides advice..
Marketing literally means "placing on the market" and thus includes all corporate actions in placement of products or services on the market, considering how objective the most profit and causality as the ability to have products capable of realizing the financial operation.

three types of marketing are recognized:

Analytical Marketing: Market study, customers and competitors;
Strategic Marketing: planning into practice by an undertaking to get, while giving priority to the customer, loyalty and cooperation from all market actors.
Operational marketing: this relates to all those choices that the company puts in place to achieve its strategic objectives.

The marketing can reach out to consumers, and in this case we speak of marketing B2C (business to consumer, "to-consumer"), often referred to simply marketing; or, it may apply to the business market, and in this case is called industrial marketing or B2B (business to business).
E X H I B I T I O N   A R E A
A Highly Qualified Technical Team prepares staying In detail and in strict More RESPECT of the aforementioned design specifications.
The ideas and designs are reflected in the final realization.

The Structural Arrangement adopted in Design choices, provide a simple to use Constant Sector and are striving to find out a proper solution to any technical problem, logistical and organizational.

A staff of decorators run of excellent achievements Invoice, characterized by Pinpoint accuracy and a faithful interpretation of the ideas and design data.

Painting, decoration, finishes and designs are distinguished by the high quality content valuing, unequivocally, EVERY space.

A this point Space and ready to be delivered turnkey to the customer.
V I D E O / T V
Today no longer want multimedia content related to a single type of support, but information accessible, shareable and editable anywhere and on different devices, from computer to handheld, on the phone.
Multimedia has become an essential component in the services offered in the Internet network and the dynamic Web paradigm. The multimedia content provide a large amount of information with respect to data and audio.
Follows the format of teleshopping, it is distributed through the web and has a duration ranging from 30 to 90 seconds.
It is a corporate video of a maximum duration of three minutes, which serves to highlight the mission and the products / services offered by a 'company.
In just a few seconds to say everything. A moment to communicate a lasting image.
And 'short, direct, and relies heavily on the recipient's emotions
This type of video is intended to illustrate very clearly and precisely the characteristics of products and services.
The video in question is, in effect, a short film.
The original script and the compelling content make it an important tool to promote the brand and retain consumers.
C O M M E R C I A L S    R A D I O
A radio spot can only rely on the attraction of sound capacity, which where for this to be studied in detail, the texts must be calibrated carefully, choosing each word with precision and evaluating properly pauses and inflections.

It must essre recited by actors that will give vitality to the message, involving the listener for the duration delello stresso.

Usually the spot is enhanced by short musical jingle, designed to make it even more catchy and easy to remember, therefore, the radio message.
The organization of events is the basis of 'advertising activity and each phase is treated in detail: from' staging of 'event promotion.
The result will be satisfactory both in numerical and qualitative terms.
In any project of communication that so provides, the 'organization of events is placed as the last and crucial step leading to a measurable commercial success.
You must know how to appreciate every happening maintaining a virtuous relationship between resources and results.

- Design
- Organization
- Location search
- Organizing Secretariat
- Public relations
- Hostess and Models
- Press office
- Press review
O U R    E X P E R T I S E
1 Define the most suitable date 2 Finding ideal location and original 3 Communicate before, during and after the event 4 Search for possible sponsors   5 Send invitations by mail and / or email  6 Transfer to the convention venues   7 Propose entertainment 8 Coordinate service catering  9 Organize video / photo shooting  10 Cure in detail   11 Create multimedia presentations equipment and   12 sets Cure event direction generally   13 Organizing secretary with hostesses    14 Make the supporting material after   15 Managing the event to exploit the results and complete the objectives
M A X  I    F O R M A T
The MAXI FORMAT billboards have "monumental" effect.

Let the mission of your company all the space he needs by employing extensive billposting areas. We dominate the landscape and also leave open-mouthed the most casual passerby.
We manage advertising space on billboards is mt. 6x3 than on electronic panels as owners and holders of concessions in several strategic areas.

road signs and signs of all sizes, using all the techniques of decoration and all kinds of material.
Advertising billboards, Banners, Banner, Road Signs, Graphic slotted.

We provide a complete service: design, practical completion, setting up panels, printing and installation, maintenance

M O B I L E   A D V E R T I S I N G
The brand makes its way.
Thanks to advertising trucks, the message is always clear and visible.
This strategy is a way to reach large audiences.

The look "falls" on the slogan and we take the opportunity.
Taxis, buses and trams are public transportation, but also advertising platforms with infinite potential.
The itinerant communication spreads the brand, it creeps into everyday life.