E X E C U T I V E   D E S I G N
The purpose of a graph that professionally designs trademarks or logos is to provide, through an image, an effective visual message to identify a single product or a company. These designers first acquire the necessary information, typically provided by the client, so you can carry the brand as much as possible according to the required target, then move on to the actual design, taking into account specific criteria, such as the choice of a character adequate (lettering), colors, shapes etc.

The design methods are used to know and to identify the problem and, according to the data sought by the designer, lead to fulfill a series of choices that lead to a consistent solution.

The graphic designer must know and understand the social and cultural norms of the public to whom it is intended, in order to find the most effective and relevant visual solutions.
Must use the knowledge gained to optimally solve complex problems and challenges of visual communication: every designer should know how to identify and keep in mind the purpose of the message that the product is to communicate to the public, collect and analyze the necessary data pertaining to information and know how to create the potential for design methods that aim to solve the problem and make products as simple and functional as possible and doily on target (ie the communicative objective) expected.
The term graphic indicating the sector of "artistic production" oriented "design" and the creation of products for visual communication.

The image communication allows to reach the maximum communicative effect in the shortest possible time, thanks to its strong power booster, often to its immediate comprehension and ease of storage.
Not least important are the general characteristics and Creative Techniques of the advertising message, its architecture, its engineering and its bill, those that generally allow you to say "this is good publicity."

The advertising material is the handshake that reaches everywhere, the voice of 'company, the window of a product, the' opportunity to promote a service. Brochures and flyers are the guarantee of an effective and widely used message
P H O T O    S E R V I C E
Photo Still-Life   /   Fashion

In an advertising campaign, the selection of images to be used is crucial.
A good photo can be seen, it says, he remembers.

We realize photographic productions for projects dedicated to all the institutional communication media and product: editorials, covers, print campaigns, catalogs, brochures, websites or monographic editions.

Our best photographers are neo professionals from different working experiences closely related to the fields of fashion, 's publishing, photography and advertising.

Their work is characterized by professionalism, timeliness and high expressive potential.
W E B   M A S T E R
The design of a website is similar to the typical broad lines of software development model, with the definition / initial planning of what needs to be done at a logical level (analysis / specification, content structure and graphic / formatting), followed by the implementation phase and the testing phase and any subsequent correction of inconsistencies with the specifications or the usability of the site itself. The creation / management of a web site makes extensive use of techniques and knowledge of Web programming or predefined format directly available to the user administrator.

Among the professionals related to the creation of Web sites include:
the web manager, who coordinates the website project to be implemented;
the content manager, which is responsible for the preparation of the content and logical structure.
the web designer, who designs the graphic-looking website (layout) to content.
web developer or developer, who is responsible for the behavior of the pages.
responsible for SEO (search engine optimization), which deals with the positioning of the site in the index of search engines.
the expert in web marketing, which deals with the promotion of the web site.
the webmaster, who administers the site in general, therefore, it has exclusive access via their codes or access keys, and it is responsible
Packaging is worth around value.
A casing of styles and a container of messages.
The success of a product is derived, as well as its quality, also by the way in which they are presented.

The package of a suitably designed product and together can become one of powerful information tool, greatly expanding the primary function of the packaging, which always remains to contain and protect.

The basic functions to be performed an effective packaging project are:
present the product, convince the consumer to buy the product, to give a precise identity to the product, protect the product, keep the product;

In the first three variables advertising field are clearly those on which you focus more.
To realize complete projects we collaborate with external providers working in synergy with the packaging experts in order to find the best solutions that combine creativity and originality in safety .